How to Paint by Number

Drawing at any age has a therapeutic effect on the person: it calms, stimulates brain activity, coordination of movements, memory, attention, concentration, fine motor skills. That’s why painting by number for beginners is an ideal gift for everyone who wants to show his creativity, to relax and to decorate the house with his work of art. Paintings by number can be made on cardboard, canvas, panels. Manufacturers add the necessary size brushes and paints, on which the numbers are stamped. It is necessary to apply paint to the canvas with the corresponding number. Beginners are advised to leave the choice to cardboard or canvas. Everyone, regardless of age and gender, will be able to draw a picture by number. Artistic ability does not matter either. Choose a canvas for the first experience in drawing should be low or medium complexity: without a large number of fragments, without the need to independently mix paints to obtain shades. Manufacturers click specify the level of complexity of the work. The plot should be selected at your own discretion.

Tips for beginner artists

To get a landscape from the first time, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations: Paint the canvas in one direction: from the center along the edges, from the upper left (or right corner. Start with light colours. If you make a mistake, it is easier to correct it by applying darker colours on top. Acrylics should not be left open for a long time. It is recommended to apply one color first, then the next. It is better to start with painting the background, then along the central part, in the end perform large fragments in the center of the composition. The finished canvas can be additionally varnished. Glossy or matte varnish protects the picture and gives it brightness. Choose a frame based on the subject and the overall interior of the room where the canvas will hang.

What is a painting by number?

Painting by numbers is an art that has resonated with thousands of people of all ages, lifestyles and vocations. Such popularity is due to its uniqueness – to bring creative ideas to life without any artistic skills. To create a true work of art, now you don’t need to sit in your hands with a brush and pencil. Buying a painting by number you get an excellent opportunity to create an exclusive artwork that you will be proud to show all the guests! After purchasing a set, all you need is to paint over the numbered fragments of canvas with the corresponding acrylic paints coming in the set. This type of creativity allows you to not only have a good time, but also a great way to relax after a busy day at work.

This Paint by Number set includes everything you need to create a true masterpiece:

– a pure cotton canvas with a numbered outline drawing on a wooden frame

– A set of numbered acrylic paints in bright, durable, water-based colors from non-toxic ingredients. All necessary paints are already included and do not need to be mixed!

– 2 or 3 brushes of elastic nylon fiber

– instructions.

Painting Technology

Start with large areas and gradually work your way down to smaller areas.

It is necessary to paint areas of one color from larger to smaller, and then move on to other colors.

Do not mix paint by number.

Close the paint caps tightly to keep them from drying out.

Painting by Number has won acclaim around the world and is enjoyed by people of all ages, continuing to win more and more fans. Join in!